Perfect 3 AM snack

Nocturnal humans find it tough to stay awake at the nights and not feeling hungry..!! I relish such nights with my perfect 3 AM snack, The 2-min Maggi instant noodles! Damn, couldn’t get better😬


Cheese bread toast!

Hunger always brings the best-cook out of me. Stronger the feeling of hunger, better the taste of the food!

This evening, was one such. I tried something really simple which turned out to be very tasty and filled my tummy to the fullest, The Cheese and vegetable bread toast with generous amount of tomato ketchup.❤️


Fun-Filled cooking

Sometimes, Cooking is not the tough part. Getting things necessary to cook the dish to perfection is tough. I wanted to eat something greasy and delicious as hell. Chose Schezwan fried rice and chilli-garlic potato fries as the menu. I searched entire kitchen for chillies, garlic and sauces but in vain.

I went shopping to get the necessary, picked more than what I wanted, stood at the billing counter of long and drove back home. Total scene took me 1 hour.

Came home and started to prepare the recipe which nearly too half an hour. Totally it was 1.5 hours for this mouth watery amazingly ravishing beauty!❤️

Taste : amazingly lip-snacking!!❤️


One month Diet Challenge.

Diet – A buzzword in today’s beauty/health concerned population. Is this really worthy? Does it really help?

Check out my story of diet. The pros and cons of dieting.

I started No onion-No garlic diet on July 27 and ended it on Aug 27. I basically gave up onion and garlic for a month to celebrate Ganesha-Chaturthi.

No-onion No-garlic, sounds so simple. Just pick away the garlic and onion in the food and eat it anyway. Well, maybe I didn’t realise the depth of it’s intensity in the beginning. I stopped visiting all restaurants which meant no Manchurians, No chats, No masala dosa, No pulav and so on. I started to check the ingredients of all the instant-packs and it occurred to me that all noodles, soups, masala powders even the basic upma has “dried garlic” or “dried onion” powders in them. Suddenly, my world was shook. What did I do? How am I going to leave my favourites!?! Well, I had to do it. There was no looking back.

Initially it was tough. Very tough. My snack times, my escapades were cut down. Even my mother was okay with it as she avoided onion & garlic in all recipe she prepared. I had to stick to desserts whichever outing I was into. Mostly, I declined because I didn’t eat whatever my friends ate. I had limited amount of choices.

After one month of restrictions and limitations, I finally noticed the change. Being the chronic migraine sufferer I am, I found my migraine in bay. I had my skin replenished with very limited number of acne, ulcer or acidity. Most importantly, my body is healthy, toned and flexible.

The disadvantages would include very fewer choices to relish, the situations to explain people “I am on a no onion & garlic diet” and In turn a “What!?!?? Why are you dieting” kind of look. It’s hard to make them understand tho :/ sometimes, a starving session as you wouldn’t get no onion & garlic food everywhere. This is it!

I feel the pros are too much over cons and I am gonna have a diet month every year like all the previous years. I would encourage everyone to do it likewise.




Festival – 2 Gowri-Ganesha festival

Next festival in list is my favourite, Gowri-Ganesha festival. I was indulged in the festival for the past week. Pretty hectic schedule and I enjoyed each moment of it. I could bake two of the favourites of Ganesha and ofcourse me too, the kadubu and the carrot halwa, must say, Ganesha Kush, im Kush!🙂

👆🏻 The kadubu, also called the karjikai, Lord Ganesha’s one of the favourites.

👆🏻 carrot halwa, my favourite.