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Kodubale – Grandma’s recipe! 

They say we are thin while going to grandma’s home and are hefty while coming back. This is so freaking true. 

My paternal grandma is no more. I miss her to the core. My dearest maternal grandma is ripe 80 year young and still her recipes are lip-smacking!! The way she dices the vegetables, the seasoning, the baking uff, I can’t really get hold of the taste in her dishes even after I’m a ripe 80 year old. 

Recently I paid a visit to her place and spent a great time to my granny, also I learnt how to make one of her expertise under her guidance. 

I never knew a mere refined wheat flour, rice flour, salt and chilli powder could result into amazing food. She just took the above ingredients in her secret ratios and made a dough out of it. She carefully took a small part of the dough and rolled it to make a thin long cylindrical shape and glued the ends of the cylinder to make a small loop and deep fried it. That’s it!!! Result, one of my granny’s expertise, the Kodubale. 

Cooktime – 10 mins (prep), 10 mins(fry) = 20 mins.

Verdict – imperfectly perfect kodubale, must eat! 



I didn’t know about momos until a while ago. There are a lot of people who love momos. I didn’t understand it, so I thought I wouldn’t lose anything if I give a try. I chose an authentic Chinese outlet to try the much awaited Momos.  

Momos – a thin steamed crust with a stuffing of any vegetable of choice served along with customised chutney. 

I got a the one with lettuce stuffing and garlic chutney. First of all, the thing was not hot, moreover, the stuffing was no-spice which is definitely not my type. I’m not a chutney person either. So typically I went to eat a steamed no-spice non-fried food. Man, I wouldn’t try it again. Not my cup of tea at all. 

Verdict : not spending a single ₹ on this again. 

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Smile! Always :)

Everyone has tried smileys at any restaurant or food joint right? What do you say? It tastes delicious? Looks very simple to cook!? 

Let me tell you, it’s not as simple as it looks like. I tried baking it today at home for the very first time and it took me one whole hour to bake 15 perfect smileys. 

Boil the potatoes (about 5 medium sized ones) for about 10 mins. Add salt, chilli powder/ flakes, coriander powder, baking powder (not mandatory) and mash them together. Cast them with round moulds. Make eyes using straws and mouth using spoon. Use the extra dough to make another smile. Bake it in an air-fryer or fry it in hot oil ( deep/shallow fry).

Result, scroll below *_*

Time required : 10 mins (bake time) + 10 mins (mash time) + 20 mins (cast time) + 20 mins (fry time) = 1 hour.

Difficulty level : time consuming for first timers.

Taste : Healthy, Amazing, worth the time! 

Verdict : savour the taste of home-made healthy snacks. Go for it! 

Tip : Only potato dough would make the smiles break while casting which makes it a prolonged process. Try dipping it with maida + water/ corn-flour + water mixture to snap the extra times or make your process easier.

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Sunday brunch! 

Sundays are so refreshing! Finally I could sleep till 10, combine the efforts to cook both breakfast and lunch to make a simple brunch.

Today is one such day. Felt like putting a little more effort and cooking some delicious brunch. Tricolor love insisted me to include peas, potato and carrot in my curry. With usual masala, tomato and coconut, a simple curry was ready.

Something is needed with curry. Can’t eat it directly tho. So I bought a Malabar parota pack by IDs and thawed it to get the below result! 

Verdict : No onion, No garlic can be delicious too. Amazing! Made my day.

Tip : consume packed Malabar parota within 1-2 hours of thawing. Otherwise, it would become rubbery and hard to consume.



Yesterday was boring. Time for some adventure. No, not food adventure. Some get-my-butt-away-from-the-goddamn-couch kind of adventure. 

I made up my mind, took the car keys, packed the necessities of my beloved buddy, Tutu 🐶 and took the steering towards an unknown destination.

Initially the speed was 30kmph which later increased to 50kmph. Yeah, I’m a cautious driver when my buddy is with me. 

The gentle yet cold breeze, the company of my babe! No better combination that these! Yet, there was something missing. You guessed it right, FOOD. That was missing. Found a McDonals! Ugh my savior😍 Got a drive through, guess what!? McDreamy! My favourite Chocolate dipped vanilla cone! Delicious as hell!! 
Totally my kind of day❤️


Long Lost Love ❤️ 

Remember the good old times when we used to get a small waffer roll filled with chocolate!? The one which for available for as mere as INR 5? Yes, you got me right, it’s Cadbury Bytes. That made my life so exciting, break time an to die for! 

It was discontinued soon after, that’s the worst decision they’ve ever made. It broke so many hearts including mine.💔

Guess what? It’s back. It isn’t back under the same brand but a saviour brand has bought it back for the broken hearts like me. 

It’s called Burst, by BISK FARM.


Thank you BISK FARM, you made my day!🎉

Now, I’ll hunt down the town and grab these as many as I can😌