Maggi in abundance!🍝

There has been a handful of instances where Luck has been in my favour. Today is one such day.

I had been to Nestle factory nearby with dad and his colleagues who were there to audit the finances of the factory. Everything went smooth and while leaving, I got a few goodies. Guess what? It’s Maggi packets of six servings. Now which fool would even decline it!? 

One amazing day❤️


Extravaganza 🍽

Today was yet another family outing. Not the one like shown in the previous post. This is something different than the rest of them. 

It’s my first time in a three star hotel. I was elated. There was this buffet arranged for our entire family of 20. As you might have guess, I went on to check the menu. That made me happier than before.

Menu :

Starter – potato wedges, salads.

Main course – Roti, Naan, Parota, Biriyani, panner butter masala.

Desert – champakali, chocolate sizzle, porridge.

The juicy paneer, fresh and Chauncey vegetables, long and soft basmati rice, soft and buttery Indian breads, the extra-sweet deserts, uff made my day.

There was this complete three course North Indian meal anyone could wish for. Family get together’s lunch has never been this good. Result, gained 2000 calories in a gulp. 

Place : Regaalis, Mysuru.

Verdict : Paisa vasool. Worth the ₹1000.


Chocolate milkshake🍫

It’s so refreshing to have a milkshake in this cold weather ( I know I’m wierd ). I was on a girls day out. Moreover, it’s chocolate and I can never say no to it. So here was my day, at a cool Italian restaurant. Must say, the drink was heavenly.

Place : Old house, Wood fired pizza.

Verdict : Tastes heavenly, Must try.