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Pasta pasta everywhere ❤️

They say there are more than 20 varieties of pasta! Well, how fortunate are we to savour one variety a day for 20+ days. 

Had been to shop groceries today and guess what, found three varieties ( penne, macaroni, twisted) and bagged them. They seem so amazing together🙂

P.S : they’re soji pasta and tastes better than maida pasta and good for health as well.


Pasta on platter!🍝

Italy, when I hear that name, I remember nothing else other than Pastas and Pizzas.

Not long before did I come to know about pasta. When I finally did, there is no one to stop me from trying it. After all, we all live to nourish our tummies and fulfil our taste bud’s wishes.. right..!?

Here is the first pasta I cooked myself.


Ingredients :

  • Pasta (twisted) : 50g
  • Diced vegetables : onion, carrot, bell peppers, chilli, garlic. Quantity as per required.
  • Sauces : soya sauce, tomato sauce. 1 spoon each.
  • Mayonnaise : if required.
  • Salt to taste.

Instructions :

  • Boil pasta in water for about 6-7 mins. When it’s soft enough, drain water and keep the pasta aside.
  • Add oil to a kadai, fry all vegetables, add pasta, sauces and cook for 2 mins! 
  • Add mayo if you’d like to.
  • Garnish it with your choice and there you go, pasta ready in about 15 mins😋