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Rainbow concrete! The Upma.

Many of us have an utter dislike towards upma, Right? Yeah, knew it. I don’t belong to that category! I can eat upma anytime given ☺️ prepared some upma and gobbled it within a go😍

South Indian

Kodubale – Grandma’s recipe! 

They say we are thin while going to grandma’s home and are hefty while coming back. This is so freaking true. 

My paternal grandma is no more. I miss her to the core. My dearest maternal grandma is ripe 80 year young and still her recipes are lip-smacking!! The way she dices the vegetables, the seasoning, the baking uff, I can’t really get hold of the taste in her dishes even after I’m a ripe 80 year old. 

Recently I paid a visit to her place and spent a great time to my granny, also I learnt how to make one of her expertise under her guidance. 

I never knew a mere refined wheat flour, rice flour, salt and chilli powder could result into amazing food. She just took the above ingredients in her secret ratios and made a dough out of it. She carefully took a small part of the dough and rolled it to make a thin long cylindrical shape and glued the ends of the cylinder to make a small loop and deep fried it. That’s it!!! Result, one of my granny’s expertise, the Kodubale. 

Cooktime – 10 mins (prep), 10 mins(fry) = 20 mins.

Verdict – imperfectly perfect kodubale, must eat! 

South Indian

Super sunday❤️

Sunday is the time of the week for some experimentation 🙂

Today, I came up with a recipe that involves double boiling of rice flour and refined wheat flour to make a dough similar to roti and bake it! Along with it, I made a simple Bombay saagu or aalo pyaas saagu (potato-onion curry)

Turns out it isn’t a disaster as I expected it to be. Tasted well, double thumbs up🎈

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Traditional South Indian lunch 🌴

Basically, I don’t like rice. I eat it twice a day, every day which makes me nauseous even the thought of it. 

Family get together are something I like. I get to see my long lost cousins, mingle with them and mainly it’s the food. The food has a variety of choices for me to choose. There will be a minimum of payasam (porridge), 5 palyas (salads), 3 appalam (papads), 2 pickles, 2 fried rice, sambar, rasam, butter milk. It sums to around 20 varieties to munch on.

Below shows the menu of one of the get-togethers organised by my family. Being selective, I chose the best among the given🙂

South Indian

South Indian Salsa!

Sometimes, food is the solution to all problems. For me, food (in limits and in healthy proportions of ingredients) is the solution to all the problems. 

My dog scratched me yesterday and I took an anti-rabies injection on the left arm today which was quite painful. So, what did I do!? Just as you expected, I went to a nearby restaurant with my sibling and nibbled on Mysore-Masala dosa.

Place : Amrita Veg restaurant, Bangalore.

Name : Mysore Benne Masala Dosa.

Verdict : Mouthwatery amazing!❤️

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Traditional recipe trial❤️

Chomai, traditional dish among sankethis. 

It had been quite a while since we geared up for some real hard work of cooking. Chomai is one among the trickiest things that I cook. It includes double boiling of rice flour and diligently getting the noodle strands out of it and seasoning it with chilli, mustard and curry leaves. Served with coconut Chutney, this is one of my favourite dishes ever!! 

Thanks mom for the recipe ❤️