Long Lost Love ❤️ 

Remember the good old times when we used to get a small waffer roll filled with chocolate!? The one which for available for as mere as INR 5? Yes, you got me right, it’s Cadbury Bytes. That made my life so exciting, break time an to die for! 

It was discontinued soon after, that’s the worst decision they’ve ever made. It broke so many hearts including mine.💔

Guess what? It’s back. It isn’t back under the same brand but a saviour brand has bought it back for the broken hearts like me. 

It’s called Burst, by BISK FARM.


Thank you BISK FARM, you made my day!🎉

Now, I’ll hunt down the town and grab these as many as I can😌


Mid-night cravings (;

Ah, took a nap in the noon which was intended for 30 mins which extended to 3 hours, which has made me a nocturnal right now. Working on some art works and hungry! 

Found a pack of nachos nearby, which came along with a cheese dip. Amazing combination I say! Totally recommending it to you all. 

Name – Pringles Tortilla Nachos 

Verdict – Amazing, but in limits :p