Kuch Meetha ho jaaye!!

Today and the day before were a celebration and I totally relished them. When there is a celebration, there ought to be some dessert right! So I made some miniature Gulab Jamoon!! Here is a snap of it!


Friendship day bonanza!!

First Sunday of August, precisely known as Friendship Day, a day where all the long lost friends remember me and pass wishes and the best buddies arriving home and celebrating, indeed a day to remember.

On this occasion, me and my gang met and wished each other, chit-chatted and gave gifts and all that. Guess what, my gift was an Arabian "gourmet cookies". The aroma was heavenly and so was the taste!! Thanks my buddies!! Its no where to be found now!!

P.S : Happiest friendship day to my "Wordpress buddies". Keep in touch😝



Yesterday was boring. Time for some adventure. No, not food adventure. Some get-my-butt-away-from-the-goddamn-couch kind of adventure. 

I made up my mind, took the car keys, packed the necessities of my beloved buddy, Tutu 🐶 and took the steering towards an unknown destination.

Initially the speed was 30kmph which later increased to 50kmph. Yeah, I’m a cautious driver when my buddy is with me. 

The gentle yet cold breeze, the company of my babe! No better combination that these! Yet, there was something missing. You guessed it right, FOOD. That was missing. Found a McDonals! Ugh my savior😍 Got a drive through, guess what!? McDreamy! My favourite Chocolate dipped vanilla cone! Delicious as hell!! 
Totally my kind of day❤️


First escapade!

How would it be,

To be surprised on your birthday,

With a cute little cake,

That depicts your interests..?!?

I had that amazing experience..!! My first birthday at a new college, with a new bunch of friends who hardly knew me did a lot of research on my likes and…. this happened,

I was stuck to home food completely,    After tasting this amazing chocolate sizzling with roasted almonds and chocolate icing customised muffins, my experiments and escapades with food began! 

P.S : All thanks to those 4 beautiful souls, love you all no matter what.. ❤