Fun-Filled cooking

Sometimes, Cooking is not the tough part. Getting things necessary to cook the dish to perfection is tough. I wanted to eat something greasy and delicious as hell. Chose Schezwan fried rice and chilli-garlic potato fries as the menu. I searched entire kitchen for chillies, garlic and sauces but in vain.

I went shopping to get the necessary, picked more than what I wanted, stood at the billing counter of long and drove back home. Total scene took me 1 hour.

Came home and started to prepare the recipe which nearly too half an hour. Totally it was 1.5 hours for this mouth watery amazingly ravishing beauty!❤️

Taste : amazingly lip-snacking!!❤️


Bonkers over babycorn!

This evening, I had been to a friend’s place for a get-together. In my friend circle, we do not shy over asking the recipe for the day. In fact, we urge each other for suggestions and how to relish the food. She had prepared a lip-smacking babycorn manchurian..!!! Yummmmm!! Moreover, it had been a long time we all met and chit-chatted, it was a perfect evening with perfect people and perfect food❤️



I didn’t know about momos until a while ago. There are a lot of people who love momos. I didn’t understand it, so I thought I wouldn’t lose anything if I give a try. I chose an authentic Chinese outlet to try the much awaited Momos.  

Momos – a thin steamed crust with a stuffing of any vegetable of choice served along with customised chutney. 

I got a the one with lettuce stuffing and garlic chutney. First of all, the thing was not hot, moreover, the stuffing was no-spice which is definitely not my type. I’m not a chutney person either. So typically I went to eat a steamed no-spice non-fried food. Man, I wouldn’t try it again. Not my cup of tea at all. 

Verdict : not spending a single ₹ on this again. 


Leisure be like!!🎈

Yesterday, a Sunday, great day to try something I love. Ofcourse it has to be food. I had all the time in the world, so just gave a try to prepare cauliflower manchurian and Hakka noodles with extra extra vegetables! Result, you can see below😍

Ofcourse I can’t eat all of it, there are better foodies at home who happen to be my mother and sister. After a lot of struggle, I get only the part shown below😖

Taste : heavenly!❤️

Place : My home.

Chef : Me, Me, Me!!


Chinese at Chutney Chang!

Sometimes, when I’m alone, when I’m lonely, all it takes to cheer me up is some noodles. Given that, I’m all set to rule the world. 

Today was one such day, I pampered myself with my all time favourite Garlic tossed low fat Hakka Noodles and heavily oily Panner Shezwan❤️

Damn, the moment I saw this beauty, happiness knew no bounds! My mind was fresh, mood lit up instantly!! All thanks to the amazing chef over there🎉

Place : Chutney Chang, Bangalore.


Panner delight *_*

Would anyone like any white, tasteless chunk of dairy?!

Panner : Looks so unattractive, flavourless, soft mass of processed milk. Anyone wouldn't like it. Naturally, even I didn't. It was no less than a punishment to nibble it for the sake of protein, until this happened,

It was love at first sight! The moment I saw this beauty, I was flattered..!! How can any dish look so attractive!?! I didn't have the answer! It wasn't just a beauty, also tasted heavenly…!
Outcome : love for panner❤️
Place : Chinese corner, Mysuru.
Name of the dish : panner sticks.