Festival – 1 Varamahalakshmi special.

For Hindus, august onwards is a festival season which is absolutely a bliss!! Pooja, Relatives, Shopping, Roaming, Food, Dress, Accessories and much more..!!! Soo soothing to listen to!! Yesterday, I went on shopping for the first time at the city market – The Devaraja market, an amazing place..!! On the occasion of Varamahalakshmi festival, I went on to certain (top-bottom)fruit outlets, dessert outlets, flower outlets, pooja-requirements outlet, snacks outlet & the fancy store outlet.

Those juicy yummy looking fruits, the best I tell you!! Grabbed on a few of them..🙂

These colourful sweets..!!! I tired hard to resist but everything in vain. I picked 2- motichur laddoo & 3- butter mysorepak so that I wouldn't turn plump.

Perfect flowers for pooja!

Pooja essentials – turmeric, vermillion etc.,

My favourite section!! The snacks!! Grabbed a whole lot of them! The best part is, they're just ₹50 per pack!! 

Another favourite section, carefully picked some chains with pendants, earrings and bangles for family!!

In one word, this was a nice within-budget shopping + encouragement to the native shops + circulation of money within ourselves & not to third party. I wouldn't mind shopping here at all. Looking forward for another trip!!


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