South Indian

Kodubale – Grandma’s recipe! 

They say we are thin while going to grandma’s home and are hefty while coming back. This is so freaking true. 

My paternal grandma is no more. I miss her to the core. My dearest maternal grandma is ripe 80 year young and still her recipes are lip-smacking!! The way she dices the vegetables, the seasoning, the baking uff, I can’t really get hold of the taste in her dishes even after I’m a ripe 80 year old. 

Recently I paid a visit to her place and spent a great time to my granny, also I learnt how to make one of her expertise under her guidance. 

I never knew a mere refined wheat flour, rice flour, salt and chilli powder could result into amazing food. She just took the above ingredients in her secret ratios and made a dough out of it. She carefully took a small part of the dough and rolled it to make a thin long cylindrical shape and glued the ends of the cylinder to make a small loop and deep fried it. That’s it!!! Result, one of my granny’s expertise, the Kodubale. 

Cooktime – 10 mins (prep), 10 mins(fry) = 20 mins.

Verdict – imperfectly perfect kodubale, must eat! 


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