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All about this tindipothi and her escapades!

Tindipothi : A girl who loves food(noun).

I am Raga and this would be a documentation of my exploration of food. Strict vegetarian, being a crazy thindipothi I am, I present you some of my ventures into the chefs basket and others where I become a chef myself ^_^

Before you scroll to know more, let me clarify, in no way am I responsible for any damage caused🤣

Happy food-a-thon!!


Bangarpet street chat!

Bangarpet stalls are flourishing everywhere around the city. Definitely because of it’s unique green smooth peas masala along with the vegetables and masala not to forget the sev garnishing.

Their pani puri is a wonder, i can surely win the bet if its “who eats the most pani puri”, price – ₹20

I ain’t a fan of bhel-puri, yet the bhel puri here is amazing!! Price – ₹20

Best for the last, the masala puri. Uff, who wouldn’t love this lovely recipe.

Price – ₹20.

Thank you Mr inventor. I shall be indebted forever!


New place around

Recently, i had been to a new place nearby which serves a good majjge kodubale and its sibling bajjis and samosas.

Firstly the name itself is Majjige Kodubale centre, situated parallel to the DD road.

The kodubale here is smooth, cruncy yet soft and crisp with a hint of oil. Its is damn tasty and costs ₹10 for 3 pieces.

Samosa comes with a aloo, onion and carrot stuffing which is equally delicious. It comes along with a price of ₹10 for one samosa.

Babycorn bajji and paneer bajji is yet another speciality here, it is priced at ₹30 and ₹20 per plate.

In total, this place is recommended, make sure to squeeze the extra oil tho :p


Open Street gone bad.

Dasara, our Nadahabba, auspicious period where Ma Chamundeshwari is worshiped, is celebrated with a huge gathering of people from all over Karnataka perhaps, World too.

2017, uptil date has’nt proved to be much in favour of Dasara. The rains everywhere is restricting people to enjoy the fests everywhere. The YuvaDasara, Aharamela and other events have been affected by the constant downpour of rains.

Yesterday, 27/09/2017 was the was the much awaited event of Dasara, the Open Street Festival.

I attended the event along with a group of friends with much enthusiasm and expectations. Just when I handed, the rains began. To my good, I had carried a couple of jackets which weren’t of much help later.

There were many stalls, some of clothing, some paintings, some of pottery making, some selfie frames but not much of food stalls. Even if there were a few, they were overpriced. Moreover, I did find one place with the green board. We ordered some samosa masala, sev puri and dahi puri. To my bad, the samosa was over, the puri was over. He instead gave us a cutlet (shown below), which was nasty and 2 papdi chat. Not at all worth the money. I ain’t gonna return to that outlet ever.


Bread-Besan Toast!

Last week, I tried preparing some Croutons. The amount of oil bread absorbs when it’s deep-fried, Man that’s just too much. If one saw the frying and absorbing process, they’d never eat a fried bread. So do I!

This week, I felt the need to make some bread-pakora and munch the on. Last week’s experience was a handful and I simply ignored the idea. Instead, I tried this recipe of Bread-Besan Toast. Turns out, it wasn’t that bad. It is as good as a diet-version of bread pakora!


Vegetable Cheese sandwich!

There was an emergency today, at the animal-shelter home. Had to rush with the pups I had found. Had to miss the classes too, which wasn’t advisory. After a hectic day, I stopped by “Sizlling corner” to grab a bite of this amazing sandwich with mayonnaise and tomato ketchup. It was delicious to the core.

Place : sizzling corner

Price : ₹40

Verdict : Amazing!!


Paneer Manchurian

It had been a long time since I ate Paneer aka Cottage-Cheese. Mann kaha ki Kuch khaas kaho, went and picked a fresh pack of paneer, dipped in the batter and deep fried. Fried again in the seasoning of garlic, onion and my secret sauces. The result is an amazing paneer Manchurian which is mesmerising soft, crispy and juicy!!