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All about this tindipothi and her escapades!

Tindipothi : A girl who loves food(noun).

I am Raga and this would be a documentation of my exploration of food. Strict vegetarian, being a crazy thindipothi I am, I present you some of my ventures into the chefs basket and others where I become a chef myself ^_^

Disclaimer : I would recommend healthy eating habits, consuming healthy food. We’re all humans and I agree it is the verdict of the tastebuds and it isn’t possible to be concerned about health all the time, but limit to everything is a good habit. I ain’t promoting unhealthy eating habits in any way. Healthy intake and daily exercises is always an good initiative to a healthy life. 




Friendship day bonanza!!

First Sunday of August, precisely known as Friendship Day, a day where all the long lost friends remember me and pass wishes and the best buddies arriving home and celebrating, indeed a day to remember.

On this occasion, me and my gang met and wished each other, chit-chatted and gave gifts and all that. Guess what, my gift was an Arabian "gourmet cookies". The aroma was heavenly and so was the taste!! Thanks my buddies!! Its no where to be found now!!

P.S : Happiest friendship day to my "Wordpress buddies". Keep in touch😝


Festival – 1 Varamahalakshmi special.

For Hindus, august onwards is a festival season which is absolutely a bliss!! Pooja, Relatives, Shopping, Roaming, Food, Dress, Accessories and much more..!!! Soo soothing to listen to!! Yesterday, I went on shopping for the first time at the city market – The Devaraja market, an amazing place..!! On the occasion of Varamahalakshmi festival, I went on to certain (top-bottom)fruit outlets, dessert outlets, flower outlets, pooja-requirements outlet, snacks outlet & the fancy store outlet.

Those juicy yummy looking fruits, the best I tell you!! Grabbed on a few of them..🙂

These colourful sweets..!!! I tired hard to resist but everything in vain. I picked 2- motichur laddoo & 3- butter mysorepak so that I wouldn't turn plump.

Perfect flowers for pooja!

Pooja essentials – turmeric, vermillion etc.,

My favourite section!! The snacks!! Grabbed a whole lot of them! The best part is, they're just ₹50 per pack!! 

Another favourite section, carefully picked some chains with pendants, earrings and bangles for family!!

In one word, this was a nice within-budget shopping + encouragement to the native shops + circulation of money within ourselves & not to third party. I wouldn't mind shopping here at all. Looking forward for another trip!!


Bonkers over babycorn!

This evening, I had been to a friend’s place for a get-together. In my friend circle, we do not shy over asking the recipe for the day. In fact, we urge each other for suggestions and how to relish the food. She had prepared a lip-smacking babycorn manchurian..!!! Yummmmm!! Moreover, it had been a long time we all met and chit-chatted, it was a perfect evening with perfect people and perfect food❤️